2014 - Skulls

Artist Statement

"I am a sentimentalist, a romantic sentimentalist. It is infinitely rewarding to change someone's perspective through art and create something beautiful using themes and objects not often associated with beauty. This new project has been about taking matter most commonly associated with death and ugliness and turning it into something that can be admired and adored, allowing it to be seen in a different light. People may find it morbid but I see the simple, natural, organic beauty of it. Even the skulls that are not perfect are perfect to me and represent each and every one of us as individuals with our flaws and imperfections. We are the same, yet we are unique and we are each beautiful. It is abstract in itself that as a vegetarian I have become a bit of a crusader for these artifacts, normally abandoned or scrapped. Throughout this project I liken myself to the artists that make art with garbage or found objects, things people have discarded and forgotten.

My use of the metallic paints has been subconscious, but is clearly common throughout the works here. It makes the skulls resemble statues, somewhat making idols out of them, and creating something that will live on permanently. Dipping something in silver, making it out of gold, bronze, copper, the use of precious metals honors the subject. Creating art out of the skulls is like giving them new life or extending their life. Above all else I believe I am creating something beautiful, though it may seem macabre.

Painting these skulls has been a full circle for me artistically. Osteology and the study of bones has been an interest of mine for as long as I can remember. Some of the earliest sketches in my career were of skulls and bones. The next step in my journey was body prints, which then transpired into my abstract work. Now here I find myself, 20 years later, abstractly painting on skulls. It was like this was the next step in my artistic journey, what I was meant to do. Please enjoy my Skullptures."