Suzanne MacRury

Suzanne MacRury Photo

Suzanne MacRury was born in Kelowna, British Columbia in 1970. At the age of thirteen she moved across Canada with her family to New Brunswick where in 1984 she was accepted into a Visual Arts course at the University of New Brunswick. Her initial focus was drawing but it wasn’t long before she moved on to her preferred medium of paint.

She moved back to the west coast and in 1988 attended the Emily Carr College of Art and Design where she studied through to 1990. During the 1990’s, Suzanne’s work was predominantly acrylic on canvas body prints, reflecting her interest in anatomy. Her fascination with osteology and entomology is apparent during this time in her detailed pencil sketches of bones and insects.

Since 2000 her painting style evolved towards abstraction while finding her inspiration in both the natural and urban environment. In 2004, she moved to Toronto and her work became more free form abstract and in 2008 she began incorporating resin as a medium.

In late 2009 she began renting and selling her art through the Art Gallery of Ontario and several months later she began painting full time out of her own studio in downtown Toronto. In 2011 she participated in Canadian Culture Days and hosted a free resin demonstration. Her work has been published in the magazine Style at Home Canada, Metro, The Globe and Mail and featured on a City TV Cityline segment. She is represented by Initial Gallery in Vancouver and by L’Espace Contemporain gallery in Montreal. Her art is included in private collections in San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. She moved to Montreal in 2013 and currently works out of her studio there.

Group Showings

1985 – UNB Group Art Show, New Brunswick
1990 – The Shaggy Horse, Vancouver
1991 – Celebrities Cabaret, Vancouver
1991 – Graceland, Vancouver with photographer Jaime Griffiths
1997 – Loelle Law Firm, Vancouver
1999 – 2000 Rock for Choice Art show, Vancouver
2003 – Babe Bar Fundraiser for Pride Committee, Vancouver
2004 – The Second Hysteria Festival, Buddies and Bad Times Theatre, Toronto
2005 – AWOL Gallery , Toronto
2005 – AWOL Gallery IV, Project Spaceman, Williamsburg, New York
2009 – present Art Gallery of Ontario, Art Rentals and Sales, Toronto
2010 – AWOL Gallery, Toronto
2010 – Toronto International Art Fair c/o AGO, Toronto
2011 – Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
2011 – AWOL Gallery, Toronto
2012 – AWOL Gallery, Toronto
2013 – Akasha Art Projects, Toronto

Solo shows

1992 – Corruption Gallery, Vancouver
1997 – Stoo:Deo Gallery, “Dead Stills”, Vancouver
1998 – Melriches Gallery, Vancouver
1998 – Stoo:Deo Gallery, “Dead Stills II”, Vancouver
1998 – Urban Gallery, Vancouver
2002 – The Locus,“ex-raised”, Vancouver
2003 – Langara College Art Department Show, Vancouver
2004 – Inside Out Film Festival featured in film “A Body of Work”, Toronto
2004 – 7 West, “The Number Series”, Toronto
2010 – Galerie Gora, Montreal
2011 – Ideas Incorporated, Toronto
2012 – Hotel Ocho, Toronto
2012 – AWOL Gallery, Toronto
2013 – Hotel Ocho, Toronto
2013 – Initial Gallery, Vancouver