Art has always been a part of my life, for as long as I can remember. There are three major changes that have taken place in my art over the years. What started out as mostly drawing with pencil soon moved on to my preferred medium of paint and then finally, more recently, incorporating the use of resin. The mediums weren’t the only change, life sketches slowly shifted towards surrealism and now finally within the realm of abstraction.
Present Work 2014

This year I have started experimenting with new mediums. I am working on a photo documentary inspired by my new environment. I have also started a new project, painting and resining animal skulls, abstract yet literal. I continue to paint on panel as well. View Gallery

Present Work 2013

A year of great upheaval and change! Relocated to Montreal, submersed myself in a new environment and a new perspective flooded my works with new life.
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Present Work 2012

2012 was a year of experimentation, incorporating some photographs and literal sketches into my work. These are two techniques I will certainly revisit on a rainy day as I never stop looking for new ways to express ideas and provoke thought in the viewer."   View Gallery

Present Work 2011

My inspiration always comes from my surroundings whether they are urban or organic but as the work matures I am noticing more of my emotions coming through.

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Present Work 2010

The majority, if not all, of the works this year have been influenced by my travels through Mexico which has led to my reintroduction of colour.

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Present Work 2009 - 2008

I continue to be fanatical about my process, despite the new abstract form that dominates. I obsess with texture and form and challenge my use of space.

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2000- 2008 Work 2008 - 2000

During this period my experimentation with color and texture began. I found myself using various mediums and finding ways to fuse them together, further solidifying my self taught form .

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Pre-2000 Work Pre 2000

Here I began obsessing about the true form which brought about my study of anatomy. Gradually I believed anatomy needed more than just black and white...

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